A slang, inoffensive word referring to anyone of the Asian ethnicity. Similar to 'honky' or 'honkey' when directed toward white people.

Derived from the end of the Japanese word 'kamikaze'.
Jin Soo: Catch you later, cracker.
Me: Peace, kaze.
by Captain Suave September 15, 2010
Top Definition
the japaneese word for "wind"
Fuu is the senshi mahou of kaze.
by the kid who wears pants April 26, 2003
A term originating out of Marshall High School meaning to smoke weed.
Hey, you trying to go kaze?
by BlissKazer September 05, 2007
to enhance the mental acceleration of the body through the absorption of burnt nuggets
Kid #1 - Yo you wanna go kaze a cunt?
Kid #2 - Nah man, lets kaze some GBs
by Kamikazi August 05, 2007
A term originating out of madison HIGH school not marshall meaning to smoke.
Hey you trying to kaze after school.
You trying to cop a kaze
by RIGATONY January 10, 2008
Meaning Turd of the group, mostly used among forums and irc.
Person one Did you see that guy posting in irc
person two Yeh he was a total Kaze
by Yoshimitsu101234 May 28, 2009
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