The most beautiful country in the world, has a lot of lovely places. Kazakhstan has two main cities: Almaty and Astana. Astana is the capital and Almaty is, probably, the place for young people. I came from Almaty and I really like this city. Mmmm, yeah, soo, Kazakhstan has two main languages: Russian and Kazakh. Why Russian?? Mmm, maybe because we have a lot of russians in our city, so we started to learn their language, they are like bros for us. We live in peace, friendship and Borat has no relationship to kazakhs :)
- Where are you from?
- I am from Kazakhstan!!!
- More details please, cuz I am from there tooo!
- I am from Almaty, and my question is " Why the fuck are we speaking English if we are from the same country?"
- Ohhh, idk
- Dafuq, why are we still continuing doing it
- Goddamn, i just don't know
- Ok, fine....
by Naiman_777 May 09, 2013
When one performs a Kazakhstan, they are drinking half of the amount of beer remaining in their cup...They are "flying half way around the world", hence the origin of the definition. The opposite of a Kazakhstan is an Uzbekistan. An Uzbekistan is when the drinker must finish whatever reamins in his or her cup.
Mitchell and Jeff did a Kazakhstan in order to get drunk faster.
by Dr. Snacks May 30, 2013
a large country located in central asia that nobody knows about because like no one lives there. kazakhstan is forested and has many mountains, and is pretty nice. however, the government is corrupt as it used to be a part of the soviet union. it has a "democratic" government; you can vote, but you only have 1 option, so you either vote for that person or you don't vote at all.
person 1: where are you from asian?
person 2: kazakhstan
person 1: where?
person 2: kazakhstan...u central asia...near mongolia and russia...
person 1: nah got no idea what you're talkin 'bout.
person 2: *sigh*
by the DARKSiDE May 20, 2012
the bestest fucking country in the whole freakin world no matter what others got to say!

as Borat goes, he is a jewish immigrant from Israel who makes sure my toilet is clean, my lawn is mown and the trash is taken out... he runs my erands also...
- where the fuck are you know, dude?
- chillin` in the best of the countires on the face of the Earth Kazakhstan, mate!
by kbcshit July 11, 2008
a country where BORAT came from
Hi, my name a borat, my sister is number 4 prostitue in all of kazakhstan, I LIKE!!!!
by john ladder September 01, 2007
A Shit hole country located between Russia and Iran.
Big Country,A lot of deserts. Basically spreads all along Central Eurasia. 9th Largest Country in the world. Got free from USSR in 1990. They have a constitutional government where the presidents acts as the head of the state and commander in chief. It is poor country whose population decreases yearly.
In Sopranos season 1-2,Tony Soprano had a mistress from Kazakhstan. Borat's character is from Kazakhstan.
by Ryan O Reilly October 25, 2007

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