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To make an effort in something to a ridiculous level.

To push boundaries which are beyond humanly possible.

Often linked to the 'Kawanishi-Thon' which consists of:

San Francisco to New York swim (can not use panama canal)
New York to San Francisco Run
San Francisco to Paris Bike (Using the Alaskan straits)
Oh I did a long run last night
Did you run it Kawanishi-style
Well no.....I didnt run from San Francisco to New York and back

I got into work so early today
Did you get up at Kawanishi-style o'clock
No I didnt get up at 2am for 7 years in a row to go to work

I went swimming last night
No I didnt swim 2.3 million laps

Hey man, I'm gonna do a Kawanishi-style drinkathon tonight
You're gonna drink 23000 pints of beer...good luck
by gperry January 19, 2011
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