Expression used usually by terribly obesed girls with a contorted frame of mind that's prone to cute things/anything to do with Japan to make up for their lack of aesthetic beauty.
Japanese Girl:"shuuu kawaii! eheh?"
American Girl:"Aww how cute. heh."
#kawaii #desu #ne #japan #fat #girl #eww
by poppy cock September 08, 2009
Another word for cute.
That girl is kawaii!!
#kawaii #cute #kawai #kawaai #hot
by Joseph Craig December 25, 2007
A really cute girl who is Asian even if not Japanese but can pull off being a cute Japanese girl any day of her life. Basically someone so darn cute that you need to have another word to describe it.
Daniela Ocampo and/or Himeka Hamasaki is, as shown above, the definition of Kawaii
#cute #adorable #beautiful #anime #gorgeous
by LazyJap September 26, 2013
A girl name; Huong. A major vietnamese cutie, awesome personality. An admirer of Hello Kitty.
Hey dude, look at that girl, wow she's so kawaii.

Yeah dude, she is cute.
#huong #kawaii #cute #hellokitty #girl
by rubchar August 06, 2010
Sounds like hawaii...means cute,pretty or dear in Japan.
kawaii can mean beach/surf/ect in hawaiian because of the ka part.
japan:Awww! That kitten is so kawaii
hawaii:Lets go catch some kawaii!
#cute #dear #water #ocean #beach #pretty
by Danielle hawaii girl rox August 01, 2006
The japanese equivelent of "cute"
Call me Kawaii Kraiggy
by ChibiGarrick September 30, 2002
Cute; pretty.
Sometimes applied to Hentai(Erotic Anime)
Ironically, Kawaii drawings usually have the characters fully in clothes, yet the style which it is drawn is very cute and very pretty.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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