YES, kawaii can be used for all these things - But Guys, PLEASE don't say it for cool and nifty and for family members and all that!! Only little girls can say everything's cute!! You'll get wierd looks!
SirGuy: "Well, you're new Look's rather kawaii mister Male! *giggle*"
MrMale: "U...Uh..."
SirGuy: "I have to hang with my kawaii bro, so I'll be seein you later!"
MrMale: "AAAUGH!!"*weep*
by Tanma May 01, 2004
An annoying thing b***hes like to say when something is adorable. Also means cute in Japanese
B***h 1: Oh my God Stephanie your selfies so KAWAII!!!
Stephanie: Ikr I thought it was the most kawaii thing ever!!!!
B***h 2: SQUEE!!! It's so kawaii!!!
Me: my God shut up before I rip those vocal cords of yours out of your neck!!😡
by Queen Chilebean June 25, 2015
japanese for cute ^.^ kawaii is a word used often by many people throughout the Internet and rl
Person 1: omg this is so kawaii.

Person 2: ikr this kitten so kawaii
by Katalina Gg July 15, 2015
It's a piano company that makes good pianos. It's also known for its Shigeru-Kawaii pianos.
Some even have K.Kawai written on the lid to the keys.
You have a nice Kawaii piano.
by pianist September 09, 2010
It is a Japanese word meaning cute. However, it has become known for describing a blonde white girl who wears pink. It is used as a compliment to say how cute they are. Other words that relate are weaboo, chuu and crybaby. People often get confused about the pronunciation. It can be pronounced two ways: the American way - ka-why, or the Japanese way - ka-why-ee. Either way is right, but you are not truly kawaii unless you say it the Japanese way.
A: "Did you see Maisie today?"
B: "Yeah, she looks so kawaii today!"
by pesudonym May 01, 2015
Adorable, cute, lovely, special, unique, something or someone so amazingly perfect that it makes no logical sense
Me: "Look at my new dress"
You: "OMG SO KAWAII!!!!!"
by hellodimples February 15, 2015
Kawaii, japanese word, litteral translation; Cute.
"She is so Kawaii!"

"Harajuku Girls are so Kawaii!"
by David232 June 13, 2006
Cute or adorable in any way
Caleb Senpai is so Kawaii
by otakulife November 07, 2015
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