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An annoying prommie on Gaia Online's online forum, the General Discussion. She puts out prommie lists every year. She is self-obssesed, creating frequent accounts to namedrop herself. She has a group of followers who are also equally annoying and post frequent namedrop threads for KNDC. People just support her because they think they will become prommies soon too, or gain e-fame. She thinks she is better than everyone else, but is really just a psychotic, deranged, worrisome otaku deep down. Her fangirls/boys refer to her as the "Prommie God".
Bob: "Hey, Kawaii Neko Desu Chan put him on the prommie list, but no one knows him!"

Joe: "She has lost her mind."
by G . W . n________n July 05, 2008

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