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This girl, shes amazing, her eyes will make you mesmerized. She is what you call your dream girl, and someone with unconditional love and die hard effort to make everything work. if you find her, keep her, for you will never find another like her. She fits every category to be a girlfriend, a wife, and even a caring mother. Shes probably the most goregous thing on planet earth and the competition aint even close. Be careful though, she can easily hypnotize you with her personality and comfortable vibes. From strangers, to friends, to bestfriends, to lovers, shes everything i need
I found my true love, and its Kaulana
by 5-year-old August 23, 2011
a party pooper that consistantly gossips about people behind and infront of there back

a master debater
Your such a "kaulana"
by Big Maika April 25, 2007

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