A completely insane group/family living in the same house.
Parent figures are usally the creepier/more sexual people in the house.
person#1: so, i heard you're dating a kauffman...
person#2: yeah... it's pretty insane, especially the parents.
person#1: whoa...
by Kauffman Dater September 29, 2006
Top Definition
If you are called this it means you have a penis that is too long to be measured by a ruler. That you are a play boy, what every woman wants.
That Kauffman must be fun in the sack.
by the1-69 September 10, 2005
kauffman (noun) - a person who is considered to be too cool for school.

kauffman (adjective) - to do something that would make you too cool for school.
Jeremy: "Wow, how did you score such a good grade on that test in advanced algebra 2?"
Jedediah: "You know me. I just kauffmaned it!"
by InsaneMembrane312 March 19, 2010
A penis which cannot be measured by a ruler, term was named after a kid who pulled a jerrod during class and the teacher hit him in the penis with a ruler, the ruler was broken in half upon immediate contact.
Jerrod's penis becomes a kauffman whenever he sees hippo-crocca-dogga-pigs
by J-Kauff June 29, 2008
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