A singer and musician.
Also one of the sexiest women alive!

Has her own unique style & music, great hair, and nice body.
What's hotter than a 1940's pinup?

You can't deny it.

"I Kissed a Girl" was a risque song, that changed music forever.
That song goes to show that you don't have to be gay in order to kiss a girl and like it.
Unlike what some people think!

Her other lyrics and songs are as well, and something you can relate to.
Such as, "Thinking of You".

Give her a chance people, seriously.
She's hot.

The only unfortunate thing is that her songs had to make it to radio.
Because her music is becoming over played, which should not happen to great artists.

Girl: Katy Perry is fucking hot!
Guy: Your a fucking lesbian!
Girl: No I'm not!
by bearrrr April 05, 2009
Katy perry is a singer/song writter who got fam off of her single "I kissed a girl". Alot of people think that she has no talent because of her popy and simple lyrics but the truth is that she makes songs that are just fun to sing and get stuck in your head( even if they are stupid ). Must people only comment on two songs of hers (i kissed a girl & Your so gay) But she as many others including Hot and Cold witch is a great song. In My apinion she is a musical genius.
by Jay-girl August 22, 2009
The most amazing person in the world. Funny, hot, nice, cool, crazy, gorgeous, awesome voice, straight/bi whatever she is, she is fucking amazing. She´s also got the BEST pet, KITTY PURRY!
: Hey do you know who´s the most amazing person in the world?
me: Katy Perry. Duh.
by imhotyournot June 29, 2009
a talented singer who is oftenly compared to another well known talented singer, Lily Allen. They once had a fueds after Katy's remark saying, "I'm the fatter version of Amy Whinehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen." While Lily Allen did go through a bit of a weight gain, she kicked Katy's words and they smacked Katy right in the face after she heard what Lily had to say. Lily is currently thin and singing beautifully. Katy Perry who's real name is Katy Hudson (took her mother's maiden name, Perry) has released two CDs, one of them is what she originally sang for, Church music, and her recent CD, ONE OF THE BOYS, consists of awesome and well sang songs by the awesome Kitty Purry. Just because Katy Perry is awesome, doesn't mean Lily isn't. Lily is ROCKIN' AWESOME!!! AND SO IS KATY PERRY!!! u gotta Luv em both.
OMG! Katy Perry's song is on!-daughter
Don't get any ideas...- Mother
Mom, can we go to walmart, i need cherry chapstick...-daughter
Uh, oh...- Mother
by codenamejester March 03, 2009
A great artist. There's a lot more to her than kissing girls and calling an ex gay. The people who are bashing her must not have heard her actual CD.
I like the songs "One of the Boys", "Fingerprints", and "Waking Up In Vegas", all by Katy Perry.
by l@lal@ May 22, 2009
an extremely beautiful American indie singer. Her music is for the most part, but her videos are worth watching...
Katy Perry is basically the most beautiful singer I have ever seen.

Katy Perry could turn me into a lesbian.
by ilyalibi May 12, 2010
Katy Perry (aka Kathryn Hudson, Katy Hudson) is a American singer/songwriter from California.]

She first got noticed when Madonna named her single "Ur So Gay" the song of summer in 2007.

She then blew up with her hit singles, "I Kissed A Girl", "Hot N Cold", and "Waking Up In Vegas" off her debut album "One Of The Boys".

She followed "One Of The Boys" with "Katy Perry Unplugged" and will soon release her second full studio album "Teenage Dream" in August of 2010.

A little known fact about Katy Perry is that she recorded an album for Columbia records in 2005 that was never released. Many of the songs Katy wrote for this album were later recorded by Kelly Clarkson such as "Longshot".
Did you hear the new Katy Perry song "California Gurls"? It's so great.
by TheodorePuertoriquez June 13, 2010

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