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A beautiful singer with amazing talent! She's funny and kind and married to the hilarious Russell Brand.

Her devoted fans are called 'Katycats'
Em; Did you hear that awesome firework song?

Me; Sure! Katy Perry sung it, of course its awesome!
by IzJH May 01, 2011
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I'd hit it.
1.Put my dick between her titties and go to town
2.Bend her over and slam that shit from the back
3.Almost any other sexual act you can find on UD

You're gay if you need an example of what to do to Katy Perry.
by iwanttobonekatyperry June 29, 2010
162 364
A talented modern musician who wrote popular songs such as "I kissed a Girl" and "Firework".
Me: Did you hear Katy Perry's new song?
Friend: Yeah. It was different from her old stuff but I like it.
by Jdfk32 January 24, 2011
48 255
A singer who is responsible for such hits as 'Hot 'n Cold" "I kissed a Girl," and "Waking up in Vegas". I would like to remind some of the others who have posted other definition criticizing Katy's songs that a song doesn't necessarily have to be deep and emotional to be a good song. Sometimes it can just be about your moody boyfriend or kissing girls. Her songs are upbeat and catchy and i have no problem with them.
I really like Katy Perry's song Hot n' Cold
by _Cherry_ August 10, 2009
215 425
A deliciously quirky wonder woman whom I share a middle name with. Her full name is Katheryne Elizabeth Hudson but she is better known as her stage name Katy Perry. She's tall, drop dead gorgeous, and extremely talented. Despite being, in so many ways, wonderful, she's not stuck up or fake. She's also known as being nice and fun to be around. She has an interesting but fashionable sense of style. I am now done expressing my respect for Katy Perry.
Steve: Whoa! Who's that chick? She's so hot!!
Sally: That's Katy Perry! Her real name is Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. She's so amazing, I'd go gay for her!
by Beautiful Misfit October 08, 2009
163 374
I don't care if she uses auto-tune, she's hot!
Every time Katy Perry kisses a girl, a puppy is born.
Whenever Katy Perry's in Vegas, I hope I wake up next to her.
Katy Perry's so hot she melts the Popsicle in my pants.
Whether your hand is hot or cold, it's always fun to jack off to Katy Perry!
by Tikibarberfan July 21, 2010
124 338
A singer and musician.
Also one of the sexiest women alive!

Has her own unique style & music, great hair, and nice body.
What's hotter than a 1940's pinup?

You can't deny it.

"I Kissed a Girl" was a risque song, that changed music forever.
That song goes to show that you don't have to be gay in order to kiss a girl and like it.
Unlike what some people think!

Her other lyrics and songs are as well, and something you can relate to.
Such as, "Thinking of You".

Give her a chance people, seriously.
She's hot.

The only unfortunate thing is that her songs had to make it to radio.
Because her music is becoming over played, which should not happen to great artists.

Girl: Katy Perry is fucking hot!
Guy: Your a fucking lesbian!
Girl: No I'm not!
by bearrrr April 05, 2009
151 367