A talent-less singer who uses sex to sell herself. Tries to stand out of the crowd by copying other celebrities. Has a signature of coloured hair which is so unimaginative. Total cake face and a fake. The reason why pop sucks!
A katy perry song is on the radio... Quick turn it off!
by Queennnn November 13, 2012
A nice singer who has great passion about singing.
Hey did you catch that one singer in concert?
Yeah it was Katy Perry
by Jasmine sexton April 10, 2014
A misunderstood pop star who is judged by songs she didn't even write. People think she writes about lesbian concepts because of the six songs people have actually fucking heard on the radio. People judge her because of these songs, but then once they listen to one of her other forty-some songs, including the ones she wrote herself, they realize "Oh shit, she's actually an amazing singer, songwriter, performer, and way more successful than me!" She is a flawless, amazing human, and the first female to ever have 5 singles hit the #1 spot from one album.
Person: "Oh, Katy Perry can't sing."
Person: *actually listens to her songs*
Person: "Oh shit! She's amazing!"
by ***Wut?*** March 31, 2013
a pair of boobs mysteriously possessing the ability to warble gratingly over pop music
"Where the hell is that noise coming from?"
"See those lumps in the bushes? It's definitely a Katy Perry."
by Dreygyron February 11, 2015
An amazing singer-songwriter who is Christian and has the #1 fan base.
Person: I'm feeling down
Friend: go listen to some Katy Perry
by chrissypeep May 20, 2015
All of you people trash Katy Perry, but she is talented. Even if she doesn't win the things she is nominated for, she is at least thought about enough to get a nomination. Some of her biggest hits are 'I Kissed a Girl', 'Firework', and 'Wide Awake'.
Katy Perry: Baby you're a fiiiiiirework I'm Wide Awake This is the part of me I'm stiillll breeathiing
by lalalalalalalalalailikekittens November 04, 2012
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