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An overgrown female. They generally have a pungent odor emitting from the Gooch region, and wear cloths that look like the were bought at Baby Gap. They are fond of pink thongs, a that are lost in the excessive rolls of fat, giving the appearance of a flossing Walrus. They think that they are a hot commodity, but tend to make most men vomit at sight. Also the type where "daddy" buys them everything. it isa rumored that the vagina of one is actually a black hole. To sum it all up, a cunt.
Person 1: Holy shit look at that beached whale.
Person 2: Be nice its Katy
by Corn 1020 January 22, 2011
A Cute ass girl with a smile that brights up the room, Every guy wants her and every girl hates on her
"Damn She's a Katy"
by Christian132050 January 09, 2009
An adjective used to describe a pair of gorgeous legs. Sexy, shapely, lusciously long legs.
Damn! She has katy legs!
by monty32 May 01, 2007
(adj.) used to describe the classy girl next door type, mixed in with a little bit of country and a little bit of badass.

describes one who likes to sit back drink beer and have a good time, but will knock your ass out if provoked.

usually spotted wearing torn up jeans, pigtails, baseball or cowboy hat.

much like historys finest:
daisey duke
ellie mae

or todays lovely:
carrie underwood
miranda lambert
"wow, who's that chick in the pick up wearing the john deere hat?"

"i don't know, but she is sooo katy."
by chris jczorlson December 16, 2008
katy is someone who is extremely beautiful. she is also very kind and caring. everybody needs a katy ;)
"arwww! you're such a katy " :]
by qwerty55555 May 01, 2009
A girl who is every man's dream.
God she is such a Katy, if I could have her I would be the happiest guy in the world.

I can't date her, she isn't a Katy.

I'm screwed, I'll never be able to find a Katy.

Holy shit how did he get that Katy, he is so lucky!
by The one who's dream came true. November 10, 2008
katy is the name of a wonderful person who is also the greatest friend and can always make you smile. she is beautiful inside and out. everyone needs a katy :)
boy1: "i met katy"
boy2:"isnt she the best!?"
by LispBuddy687 July 02, 2009
One of the most amazing people in the universe ever ever ever! We love Katy! She's a really great friend, a brilliant listener and recipient of drunken texts with no complaints at all - what more can you want in a friend?
Her? She's such a Katy !
by Megiroo November 05, 2008