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A really talented singer/songwriter who actually puts THOUGHT into her lyrics and actually plays an instrument. Doesn't like being called the Anti-Britney, or being compared to Avril because she's just herself. Really intelligent and really pretty too.
Katy Rose is one of my idols. ^_^
by Yoshi October 01, 2004
a malibu barbie doll who sings PJ harvey lyrics- (quote)Courtney Love
one of my favorite lyricists.
esp. the song "lemon".
she can play guitar so i say loose one guitar player in her band.

NOT AVRIL!!! ugh i hate when people compare...atleast not avril...theyre on a different level(katy is on top)!!
i cant throw up i dont think i even wanna try. - lemon
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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