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A species of anthropomorhpic cat people that are found in the Quest For Glory game series. And do not exist in real life
Katta's make great friends and neighbours.
by Anonymous September 02, 2003
supper idiot
dont act like katta..
by ankitdthug July 24, 2011
A cool place.
This place is so Katta.
by Schpaa April 11, 2004
Originally a Palestinian name of a very powerful figure. Kattum means the highest form of powerfulness. Currently a family name of a Palestinian family found living in Jilijlia, Palestine. The Kattom family lives in Jilijlia because Jilijlia is considered to be a rich and well protected city. Well protected becouse of the Kattum family.
Person 1: Hey that guy is very Powerful!
Person 2: Even more powerful then Kattum!
Person 1: NOOOway not even close to being that powerful!
by Kattum Kattum October 12, 2011

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