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Katt Williams is a comedian who made a few light jokes about atheism and atheists. To any logical person it was clear that it was simply humor when he called atheists stupid motherfuckers for believing in nothing. He's also made a few jokes about religion despite being Christian. It should be noted that that's what comedians do: take the piss out of everything and everyone but the atheists (who get their sources of information from comedians) took him seriously for what he said and now hate him.
Katt Williams on atheism: "You got to be a special kind of retarded to be too stupid to not make up a God if there wasn’t one. Poor thing. Who do you even pray to? Nobody. You can’t even cum. What do you say when you cum, atheist? Oh.. Oh.. Nothing. That’s right, ’cause that’s what you believe in."
by Skialian January 07, 2014

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