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Refers to the female genitalia. Used in conjunction with "some", the phrase some katsu refers to sexual intercourse itself.

The origins of the word Katsu were developed on 23 October 2009, with a simple email between two friends, it has developed and has been taken on by many. Some things to keep in mind;

- I got some good Katsu Last night

- That girl has a tight Katsu

- This place is full of Katsu

- Katsu is the passport to heaven

- A man can never be a real man if he doesn't LOVE Katsu!

- Katsu is what life revolves around.

- Women maintain and look after the Katsu, and both men and women gain from the use of the Katsu.

- Women have the Katsu Power

- Men are always on the hunt and look out for Katsu
That was some juicy Katsu last night
by Katsu Warrior August 15, 2010
A drunk person or someone whos extremly high from marajuana.
"brah last night I drank a fifth and smoked 2 bowls and I was all KATSU"
by mahina September 16, 2006
Noun: A Japanese name, usually a guy's name, that means "victory". The English version of this name would be Victor, or Victoria.
I met this cute guy named Katsu. He told me his name means "victory." I thought that was really badass!
by Creepytastik September 04, 2011
(adj) used to describe a skinny Asian girl addicted to masturbation
(n) the antithesis of Zomnificent
1. That katsu is such a slut. She will do anything to have sex.
2. Hello, my name is Katsu. I wish i was a pillow.
by Schleaze February 18, 2005
The best friend of Sanosuke Sagara from Samurai X. He is the master of the explosives named "Sakurdetsu-Dan". Also he is a sword master because he was student of Kenshin Himura.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003

'Cats ooo.'
by Cats Ooo November 10, 2003
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