The result of global warming.
The only way to stop global warming (and other hurricanes like katrina) is to reduce emissions by 75%. It's not happening while bush is in office.
by vola September 11, 2005
A disease consisting of paranoia, amnesia, anxiety, and hallucinogenic experiences. If you meet a girl of this type, or a guy especially, you should be sure to run as hard and as fast as you can.
I saw Katrina talking to a tree today. She named it Simon.
by Katree June 18, 2008
Ugly attention seaking whore, you may think shes nice at first but shes a royal bitch. Generally has too many freckles, and has saggy boobs and a loose vagina. Known to throw herself at guys that dont want her and points when she laughs.
Katrina is disgusting, and smells like fish.
by ghdjbsfhgfijkdrnviurdjf November 10, 2010
what ruined my life...what made everything change for me...what made me not even sure if my friends were still alive...what made me not sleep alone in my own bed for almost 2 months...what has changed new orleans forever...what makes me proud to say im a new orleans girl since birth...what made me meet new friends and enemys...what made me cry...what made me scared to turn on the tv b/c of all the news channels...what made me afraid to come back home...what made me happy to see the smiling faces in the french quarter again...what made me a HURRICANE KATRINA SURVIVOR....IM A NEW ORLEANIAN AND PROUD OF IT!!!! WE WILL REBUILD AND BECOME STRONGER THEN EVER...thank you katrina, august 29, 2005
i didnt have floors or walls for 7 months b/c of katrina!!!
by winry June 30, 2006
to circumsize a boy with ones teeth
ow, she pulled a katrina on me
by aka1960706317 February 16, 2009
Yet another code-word used by food servers(mostly in the south)to describe any black person in their section who appears to come from a ghetto backround. The flood of evacuees from Louisiana to Texas amongst other places gave birth to this one. Food servers profile quite a bit. Its, unfortunately, just a matter of putting together patterns of who tips horribly. Such as Katrinas. These stereotypes live up to expectations way too often.
"Goddamnit, the hostess just sat a ten-top of Katrinas in my section. Looks like I'll be working for free the next hour."
by Rangus August 24, 2006
The Slut, Bitch that blew down my house....
News Reporter: WOAH it looks like Katrina just caused the levees to break


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