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An adjective used to describe a shitty situation that gets progressively worse
Mark: "Yo, did you see Jimmy passed out at the party last night?"
Ryan: "Then everyone drew dicks on him and jacked his money."
Mark: "Yeah, that shit was Katrina."
by squirrellover33 September 24, 2011
A verb used to describe failing at Worms, by killing yourself with your own grenades, bazookas, etc.
You just Katrina'd that shit.
by chocolateloverbrownies February 04, 2010
Popular female rapper that hails from Miami, Florida. Commonly known as "the diamond princess".
Katrina and Kelly Rowland did a tight song together in 2005.
by BooBoohead March 04, 2006
Fuckin hurricane that fucked new orleans up pretty bad. The people had to live in the superdome. And if that wasn't bad enough, you got fuckin idiots looting and raping. What the fuck are you doing morons?
I expect New Orleans' population to decrease alot after hurricane katrina.
by Adrian September 03, 2005
1) referring to a total disaster, akin to the 2005 hurricane that destroyed New Orleans. Generally NOT politically correct.

2) An unforseeable disaster- something that was considered, but deemed unlikely
1) You crashed your dad's benz? he doesn't know you borrowed it? Oh man, what a katrina!

2) I thought you turned off the gas! The house blew up! This is totally katrina!
by Another Jane March 08, 2006
Ugly attention seaking whore, you may think shes nice at first but shes a royal bitch. Generally has too many freckles, and has saggy boobs and a loose vagina. Known to throw herself at guys that dont want her and points when she laughs.
Katrina is disgusting, and smells like fish.
by ghdjbsfhgfijkdrnviurdjf November 10, 2010
A disease consisting of paranoia, amnesia, anxiety, and hallucinogenic experiences. If you meet a girl of this type, or a guy especially, you should be sure to run as hard and as fast as you can.
I saw Katrina talking to a tree today. She named it Simon.
by Katree June 18, 2008