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the girl i love so much
man, she's my Katrina *sigh*
by mybigfatgermanweddingisgreat December 24, 2008
211 89
Just like that fucking hurricane. So damn Sexy she sure knows how to blow everyones perverted asses away. Katrina fucking turns me on like no other.
boy: that girl is like katrina
boy2: yes she blew me the fuck away
by opendildo April 12, 2008
196 77
A crazy ass sexy bitch that everyone loves. Very independent and loves her family a lot and would do anything for them. A big test and is very hard to resist.
Damn...look at that Katrina. Everyone wants a piece of that.
by hickinthe814 November 30, 2009
164 48
the name of a girl that should stop being ridiculed because a disatrous hurricane is named after her. she didnt name herself you know!
Guy 1: Dude, i cant stand Katrina!!
Guy 2: I know, people with that hurricanes name should die!!
by keepthepeace December 31, 2008
154 71
Katrina is a name greek name that means "Pure Heart"

A person with the name "Katrina" is normally sweet, caring, beautiful person who would never let you down but everyone want to hang around with

It could also mean A Hurricane that touched down in New Orleans
Did you see her give that dum $50, shes such a Katrina

You're my best friend Katrina

Damn, did you see how bad katrina was? i feel bad for those people!
by sarusian February 16, 2010
76 26
20. the outdoors.FUN
have the ability to make any man want them when they them selves never know what they want.
guy#1:hey what are you doing tonight?

guy#2:i'm going on a camping trip!

guy#1:you're excited?!

guy#2: oh yeah! it's with Katrina!!
by mysisterthehobo January 18, 2010
75 28
a katrina is a person with great boobs
nicko: wow did u see that katrina!!!!!

alec: sure
by neekohlah June 24, 2009
90 51