Katia is the definition of a person that's more than extremely masochist. On top of being more than extremely masochist, a person that's Katia is also quite interested into cross-dressing.

All in all, a very fucked up person.
"Hey man.. Oh.. Wait... Don't tell me, you're a Katia?"
"What's wrong? Are you hating on Katia's?"
"I.. Uhh.. I gotta go, CYA!"
by Mojaveboyo October 14, 2011
A very tall Russian girl, whom's life consists of only tennis.

She enjoys to drop cakes, and is deathly allergic to bees. Her hobbies are wrapping pickles in diapers, egging houses, and video chatting with complete strangers. Her go to spot when she's bored is the Liquor Store, so she can get buzzed.

She always is a good smart girl, but has her naughty moments. (;
You may find her on the side of the street tryna pick up some men for the night. She has a lot of STD's, so watch out. Her pussy is as loose as a Canadian Goose' asshole. And her tits are as big as watermelons. Her nipples are ALWAYS hard, and they tend to POP out of her sexy revealing shirts.
*Girl walks by*
by Tennishater912 December 23, 2010
flat or flatness, a surface that is level sometimes cratered
hey man, your tires katia, ya i know


what the fuck my dicks been katia for four days
by shits44 April 28, 2010
1. off the chain
2. beats off for you
3. makes orgasms like no other like a deep pig squeal
1. "that dog is so katia man."
2. "hey, can you do a katia for me in my lap?"
3. "that girl was doing one hella loud katia in the bathroom."
by bombqueesha November 03, 2007
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