Kathy. A girl with straight teeth, has bangs, and lives with Chow-chow.
-- That girl has nice teeth!

I know! She's a Kathy.
by hayycutiepie February 09, 2010
Top Definition
Kathy is a word to explain one amazing person.the shiz net of all friends. One of the most beautiful and gorgeous people. also one of the kindest.
my best frann kathy<3
by kellbell December 12, 2007
A word meaning an amazing person.One of the most wonderful people you will ever meet,Gorgeouse inside and out.To be exact the Shitt,My Best Frann'<3
by Mayleneee January 01, 2009
the most sweetest, kindest and CUTEST person you will ever meet
i am in love with kathy
by asdadADafasdfasd November 02, 2009
1. (adj) referring to someone as elegant, cute, charming, beautiful, or just plain sexy.

2. (n) a girl with really immensely unbelievably monumental breasts.
1. damnnn, that new girl is maddd kathy.. i'd tap that in an instant.

2. DANG, those knockers on kathy are bigger than my goddamn head!
by clitoria March 06, 2007
Kathy defines perfect. One to brighten every second of every day, and to make every moment a memory that would last a lifetime. One that is beautiful, elegant, and thoughtful.
Kathy is an amazing person.

The Best Girlfran Ever!!!!!
by Laergan May 11, 2010
The girl that stole my heart and refuses to return it.

The most gorgeous girl in the entire world. She has beautiful eyes, perfect hair and a personality you can't compare to. She's nice, smart and an all around great person. not to mention her wonderwall of a body, and extravagant smile. She does nothing but shortens your breath and stutters your speech. Without her you would be a lost lonely little boy with nothing going for him, but for some reason... this perfect female specimen likes you. Embrace her beauty, savour every moment.

She’s a keeper.
Oh wow... Kathy is.. Perfect.
by Bobinlove January 18, 2011
someone who loves to do there hair, but messes up about 3 times untill they get it right, because thier friend told her to use a different dye.
she went kathy on her hair
by coreyvskathy October 05, 2011
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