1. The greatest person ever. Gets along with everyone else, including wildlife.

2. A kind of pastry baked in Germany, usually (but not necessarily) cherry-filled.

3. A proprietor or employee at an establishment that bakes Kathryns.
Kathryn, who is a Kathryn at the Kathrynswinkle, is a real Kathryn.
by Turnabout February 03, 2010
A girl who is: amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, and practically perfect. She has eyes like a goddess, they sparkle in the light. Her eyes are best noticed when she laughs/smiles. She always is able to make someone laugh and gives the best hugs. She is very talented, even though she is totally and completely bubbly and outgoing, she has her shy moments. She has a caring and compassionate side BUT she always loves a good party. She doesn’t like to stop having fun, and she always wants to try something new. She has a way of making any moment of the day better with her smile and eyes. She is told by many that she is gorgeous and she blushes and tries to not talk about it. When guys look into her eyes, they can see the amount of kindness and generosity that is within her. She is a strong-minded chick, and doesn’t ever give up on something/someone. She is easily fallen for and she falls easily too. Her personality is very ‘colorful’, she is bubbly, kind, funny, passionate, easy-going, strong-minded, talented, gorgeous, sweet, amazing, and she is known for listening and always helping others. She normally puts herself last just to help others. She has a rocking body and is just completely adorable. She is beautiful to the extreme. When guys look into her eyes, they can’t help to not lock eyes with her, and when they do they feel as if the world has just stopped
Guy 1 : Kathryn is so amazing! I wish she was mine.

Guy 2 : I know dude. Her eyes are amazing. I get lost in them.

Girl 1: I am so jealous of Kathryn, but at the same time I just love her personality and her smile.

Girl 2: I am the same way. She just has that thing about her that is just amazing.
by definedlove February 01, 2013
A best friend. She will alays be there and has your back through everything. she is very modest. She has a love for fashion while still being sporty. She is bubbly and upgoing. she never stops being happy. a hot, nice girl. some say she's crazy but they dont know her like you do. she is absolutely amazing to put it short.!! <3
girl1:kathryn has been my best friend since second grade
girl2: she's so gorgeous
girl3: ya shes always had my back
by Shingda Gupta jillian February 19, 2012
A Very Tall Girl, A Gentle Giant. She has a GREAT sense of humor and owns many amazing purses. She is very attractive and supermodel-like!
Wow, that girl is quite tall, definitely a Kathryn!
by whitehorse101 March 27, 2009
The least common spelling of the name,but also the most logical one.
Kathryn looks more simple than the average spelling,because Catherine and Katherine look like they should be said as kath-uh-ryne.
by SomeoneNew October 17, 2012
One of the most gorgeous and beautiful girls. Known for her beautiful eyes and hair. She is very talented and has a huge heart. The people in her life are very lucky and blessed. She has a passion for art and drawing. She has a crazy, funky, and loud personality, but she knows when to tame it. She has more guy friends then girl friends because of the jealousy; some call her a slut. She is not a slut though, she is a fun and outgoing girl, with a side of flirt. She has a one of a kind smile that lights up every room she walks into. She has many followers and girls tend to do things she does, wear what she wears, etc. She is one of those girls that when she walks into a room other girls glare at her and say I wish I was her.
Connor: Kathryn is so beautiful. She has the most gorgeous eyes ever.

Tyler: Dude, I know.


Betty: Kathryn has such an awesome personality.

Jackie: I know, I wish I had a personality like her.
by attitude101 January 13, 2013
The best at Being "Fuckin" Fabulous and Aca-Awesome. Doesn't take shit from anyone and has a lot tolerance for stupid. Will spend several hours trying to pick a movie, before finally deciding to watch the same movie she always watches. Has the best taste in music. Extremely loyal and will do anything for a friend. The kind of person you want around when shit hits the fan. If you try to penetrate her social bubble, she may in fact claw your eyes out with her perfectly manicured nails. However, if you happen to get in, shes one of the best friends you'll ever have. She can adapt to any situation, and always finds a way to come out on top. Shes the kind of person that could sell Suave to Paul Mitchell using 40% bullshit, 40% luck and 20% bitchiness.
"Damn this is a good mix tonight, Kathryn must be playing DJ"
by Super-K86 June 22, 2014

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