A girl who is: amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, and practically perfect. She has eyes like a goddess, they sparkle in the light. Her eyes are best noticed when she laughs/smiles. She always is able to make someone laugh and gives the best hugs. She is very talented, even though she is totally and completely bubbly and outgoing, she has her shy moments. She has a caring and compassionate side BUT she always loves a good party. She doesn’t like to stop having fun, and she always wants to try something new. She has a way of making any moment of the day better with her smile and eyes. She is told by many that she is gorgeous and she blushes and tries to not talk about it. When guys look into her eyes, they can see the amount of kindness and generosity that is within her. She is a strong-minded chick, and doesn’t ever give up on something/someone. She is easily fallen for and she falls easily too. Her personality is very ‘colorful’, she is bubbly, kind, funny, passionate, easy-going, strong-minded, talented, gorgeous, sweet, amazing, and she is known for listening and always helping others. She normally puts herself last just to help others. She has a rocking body and is just completely adorable. She is beautiful to the extreme. When guys look into her eyes, they can’t help to not lock eyes with her, and when they do they feel as if the world has just stopped
Guy 1 : Kathryn is so amazing! I wish she was mine.

Guy 2 : I know dude. Her eyes are amazing. I get lost in them.

Girl 1: I am so jealous of Kathryn, but at the same time I just love her personality and her smile.

Girl 2: I am the same way. She just has that thing about her that is just amazing.
by definedlove February 01, 2013
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Quiet, but crazy, a little bit spaztic, and a whole lot of amazing.
J: "I love Kathryn, she may be a spazo, but she's fantastic."
by dontchawanna January 04, 2008
The most amazing, kick ass, beautiful girl in the word. She does everything and more, a most kind and loving girl who will never betray you. She is full of endless passion, adorable, cute, energetic, funny, and above all, trust worthy. She never gives up, and always does her best. Everything about her is amazing. Beautiful to the extreme, she is a perfect being that even the gods are envious of.
Look, its Kathryn, all bow down before her epicness!!!
by Alcanor December 17, 2009
pretty amazing girl who can shake that booty at any time at any place.
woah, that girl on the bar top...yeah, she's doing the kathryn!
by crazie November 22, 2007
One of the best names in the world. This name means "pure" in Greek. Most Kathryns are beautiful, trustworthy, and over all great. They are humble about this, but they do love attention sometimes. They are great friends and since they are trustworthy, you can tell them all your secrets and problems. Kathryns are just great people in general. They are usually weird, but awesome at the same time. Nicknames are Kat, Kathy, and Kath.
Example 1: Boy 1: Hey I'm gonna go ask Kathryn out on a date. She's just so great!

Boy 2: Not if I get there first!

Example 2: Girl 1- I feel really horrible and I need someone to tell my problems...

Girl 2- Talk to Kathryn, she really listens and understands.
by KatFoSho February 07, 2011
An amazing girl that specializes in the act of shaking booty and crushing competition in soccer. Will never give up even when fully aware of her inevitable defeat. Also known as "the beast." Do not mess with, is known to out weight-lift Arnold.
Sweet and holy God, just look at Kathryn walk by today.
by Hueftle January 25, 2008
a smoking hot babe that has the 3 b's: brains, beauty, boobs and is freaking hilarious to top it all off
Did you see Kathryn yesterday? Man what a betty!
by Johnnydoeswork September 08, 2010
A Very Beautiful girl, she will always make you smile no matter what, and when You lock eyes with her, you feel like the world has just stopped, You will instantly love this girl and will want to be with her
dude, have you seen Kathryn? She is so gorgeous! I love her!
by Minibox August 05, 2011
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