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The least common spelling of the name,but also the most logical one.
Kathryn looks more simple than the average spelling,because Catherine and Katherine look like they should be said as kath-uh-ryne.
by SomeoneNew October 17, 2012
26 5
The best at Being "Fuckin" Fabulous and Aca-Awesome. Doesn't take shit from anyone and has a lot tolerance for stupid. Will spend several hours trying to pick a movie, before finally deciding to watch the same movie she always watches. Has the best taste in music. Extremely loyal and will do anything for a friend. The kind of person you want around when shit hits the fan. If you try to penetrate her social bubble, she may in fact claw your eyes out with her perfectly manicured nails. However, if you happen to get in, shes one of the best friends you'll ever have. She can adapt to any situation, and always finds a way to come out on top. Shes the kind of person that could sell Suave to Paul Mitchell using 40% bullshit, 40% luck and 20% bitchiness.
"Damn this is a good mix tonight, Kathryn must be playing DJ"
by Super-K86 June 22, 2014
1 0
The name of a girl that you will meet once in a lifetime. She has very curly hair. So curly in-fact, that you might call her a curly-headed F, but in a good way. A Kathryn will mystify you with her attractive face and personality. Her moods change like the tides of the sea, but it only adds to her mystique. She is a very creative soul, who writes awesome poems of wisdom and draws very creative-like things like birds, skeletons, and skeleton birds. She is a natural born artist, especially when it comes to photography. You will often find Kathryn locked away in her own little world, writing about her life epiphanies, or laughing at YouTube videos of sloths covered in butter.
guy # 1: "Dude, do you know who that girl is with the curly hair?"

guy # 2: "Yeah! Her name is Kathryn! I've seen her around, I love her attractiveness but I'm too scared to talk to her. She seems so mysterious!"

guy# 1: "Yeah I know, the other day I saw her drawing a picture of a skeleton. It was so good!"

guy#2 : "I've seen her writing poetry. She's so awesome and deep!"
by christmassweaterlady December 01, 2012
12 14
A petit girl is very intelligent and isn't afraid to show it. Sometimes can be fake, according to her peers, and overly dramatic.
person 1: Who is that girl who's having a panic attack?

person 2: Her name is Kathryn. She's having a panic attack because she got a 3.45 as her GPA.

person 1: 3.45!! I would be estatic if I got a GPA that high!
by missus23 March 23, 2009
200 274
Girl who wears her shirt too low and complains about her "short" shorts. Thinks she's the leader but all she does is treat you like a puppet.
kathryn: My shirt is so low and my shorts are so short!
everyone else: NO ONE CARES NOW SHUT UP
by nameforurbandictionary June 17, 2011
23 127
short, petite woman that is a teacher but can be crazy and say you miss alot of days...She is wild and different
"Kathryn is wild"
by hchsstudent2010 May 19, 2009
82 197
A girls name that is usually common
Kathryn is a girls name
by katz23 November 22, 2006
241 519
seems nice at first...once you become friends, she will stab you in the back numerous times
you will regret having a kathryn as a friend
usually tall with brownish hair
betsy: omigosh....kathryn is so mean!
by eeeeeeeeeeeee ablablabla hohoh August 28, 2009
100 521