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1. A hermaphrodite who cross dresses as Adolf Hilter in Austrian nightclubs.

1. The act of giving fellatio while simultaneous skiing up a mountain in the moonlight.
Jimmy was devastated when his friends discovered that he was actually a Kathrin in a sex club on weekends.


Florian: How was your blind date last night?
Guunter: Ach du lieber himmel!! Helga was amazing!
Florian: You mean the chick with the one eye?
Guunter: DUDE! She gave me a Kathrin last night! AND I got to cum in her eye!
by Narcoleptic_Nymphomaniac January 30, 2010

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A generic name applied to any cool female German tourist/backpacker who is immediately liked by all who meet them, used predominantly in tourist prone areas and in hostels.
John 'Hey bra did you see that new German girl working down at Subway?'
Matthew ' yeah dude, she gave me 3 free cookies, such a Kathrin'
by Bananabreadisthebrainfood February 06, 2010