A woman who has been through it and come out on top. A woman who does so much for others that she forgets to do for herself at times. The woman I wake up next to and the woman who makes sure that my every need is met. Kathleen the mother of my children, the light of my life, the only woman who has my heart.
friend 1- Dude are you happy?

Dude- Hell yeah, I have my Kathleen.
by herhusband June 17, 2009
The most amazing girl ever! My little red head cutie! Shes kinda a lil tough. She says bad like bed like a kiwi. She has gorgeous eyes, the most unbelievable smile.. Says goooood like that. Her laugh is contagious, its cute and funny!
I'd keep her forever!
She smiled and looked into my eyes. She was Kathleen. Perfect!
by TravviiKatsMan February 22, 2010
The definition of Kathleen is A woman who is sweet, kind, wonderful, nurturing, loving, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, and ethereal.

Second Definition: A sexy and classy punk rock cougar.

Third Definition: Kathleen is also German for Great Man-Seducer.

Fourth Definition: One who has good taste in music and cinema. Fond of her beautiful dog.

Fifth Definition: The Coolest and Best Woman in the World.
I am madly in love with Kathleen, who is so sweet, kind, nurturing, loving gorgeous, sexy, beautiful and ethereal. Kathleen is my sexy and classy punk rock cougar. She likes good music and good cinema, and She's really fond of her dog. Kathleen is the coolest and best woman in the world. She's also a German Man-Seducer.
by Cinemazach August 07, 2012
Female Irish given name, with debatable origins; may come from Killarney. Means; muse of extreme beauty, typically of fair complection and blonde or red hair. Always with beautiful pale blue eyes that change color in different lights, a loyal friend and of great intelligence. Resides in a park of flowers near New York. Beautiful smile and laughter like a song. Usually accompanied by her trusty hound Charles. Brings inspiration to her loved ones. Once she claims her lover the bond between them becomes unbreakable. She also is a weaver of words and can be tricky to unsuspecting travelers.
Kathleen is the most beautiful creature in the universe, fairer than the stars far away and magical as the sea below.
by illogically_correct June 16, 2014
A Kathleen is a rare and majestic creature placed here on earth by the divinity of the (rock) gods in order to enlighten the world with her supreme wisdom and fill our ears with ecstacy from her wonderous musical talent. She can play every variety of instrument (metaphorical ones included), and is friend to all variety of animal and living thing. Her beauty has been said to inspire tears of joy in all those that lay their eyes upon her. She is also part cat, and does an uncanny impression of a swan honking.
Is that a Kathleen playing guitar? She makes me want to save the world and adopt kittens!
by luckyduck654987 January 28, 2015
An adult beverage consisting of one shot good Kentucky bourbon whiskey and six ounces Tab, served on the rocks with a slice of lemon and a maraschino cherry. Reputedly named for its creator, and favored by intellectuals, writers, grammarians, and teachers.
"Bartender, what would you recommend for a very thirsty English teacher who's looking for a good time yet wants to maintain her reputation and display her good taste?"

"May I suggest a Kathleen, miss? They're refreshing AND sophisticated."
by Kitty825 March 27, 2010
Not that bright, Usally a blonde, she thinks she's all that! She will get crazy!
Look at Kathleen, She thinks she's all that!😒
by CuttiePie12 April 27, 2015
Very nice at times and pretty but gets offended easily and leaves friends for other ones a lot. She's that girl that's attached to someone different every day and her old friends find it annoying. At times when she likes you for the day she will make you laugh and smile but the next day it will be about someone else. She's that girl that everyone's friends with but they secretly don't like her because she's a total bitch.
"What's she doing"
"Pulling a Kathleen"
by Bombombom May 17, 2014
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