A coke bottle that Dylan Muddle likes to get on with. She is as tight as one finger.
Kath sat on the window of the car as the finger rubbed hole.
by Puddle man October 12, 2011
Top Definition
A person who lives without curry. Often extremly amazing and has brunette hair and is usually very tall.
"Wow KATH!"
by lhlda;kjs;lkJLK February 09, 2009
A funny woman with a great sense of humour, who is generous, fierce, and has it going on.
OMG! I wish I had the life of Kath!
by vrban June 16, 2011
Collective noun for a group of drunks.
Look at that kath of drunks at the bar.
by Sw-1 September 12, 2014
An abbreviation for Kathryn. Katie is too common of a name, so Kath makes the nickname! A Kath is often times stubborn but very easy to befriend!
friend: ughh! Kathryn you are so stubborn! I am nicknaming you Kath!!!!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
An uninvited verbal intervention regarding a strangers' behavior around issues such as sustainability, global awareness, or personal liberation. 'Kaths' are usually gentle, but can be forceful. Typically, 'Kaths' immediately annoy, but they are offered - often courageously, often ridiculously - in the hope that the more reflective come to appreciate their logic.
A mild 'Kath': "Please don't litter - I don't want to live in your wastebasket".
More forceful: "Take off the veil!", as, say, in 35C heat, one peddles past a burka wearer walking well behind a summer-casual-dressed male on the bike path.
by bisfik September 06, 2011
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