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A name usually spelled Katerina but was messed up either by the parents or the Ukrainian Embassy at immigration. Kateryna is the craziest, most creative person you will ever meet but dont get on her bad side or you're screwed. Bold and brash she will be your best friend or the thing that brings you to an assylum.
kateryna made me crazy so they put me in a round room and told me to sit in a corner.
by katerynapriara February 22, 2009
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The Queen! THe most beautifulest, gorgeous, sweet,nice,very funny, a great heart,loving,caring,really smart girl in the whole world!!!! Very strong, powerful, don't mess up with her or she'll be a TOTAL BITCH TO YOU!!! Shes very unique, inspires people, she knows how to laugh and be happy! She's intellegent, cute, adorable,sneaky, a great leader.
by The Black Kat February 04, 2010
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