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Exudes culture and class. The highest and purest form of love, one that surpasses all other types of affection. "Love of the soul"
Katerina is love <3
by TheRealKaterina February 25, 2010
Someone who is serverly affraid of feet and toes... When drinking too much she becomes the Oracle
Last nite I drank too much wine and I was totally hurricane Katerina especially when Susan put her feet on me
by El-Unit September 04, 2011
Katerina is a wonderful person who gives off a great, friendly vibe to everybody. She gives out great advice, and is the person to go to when you are in a dilemma. She is bubbly, funny, outgoing, supportive and there for you. She is able to laugh at herself, and get along with others easily. Talented, beautiful and a joy to be around Katerina is just amazing in every way.
by ~ Don't Worry. Be Happy. ~ March 24, 2010
Lover of Avenged Sevenfold. Complete rocker! if your on her good side she is a loyal friend. also a very happy person =]
Omg Katerina is such a bitch!!! but not if your on her good side.
by Katerinarocks April 12, 2008