sexy girl who gets a lot of boys. at times she can be easy. shes great in bed and has a slamming body. she has a great personality.
damnnnnnnnn look at Katelyn.
by lady gaga ! March 18, 2009
1.Supposedly the sexiest on earth. No one knows who they are, but their name is commonly referred to when talking about sexiness.
2.Also shortened to 'Kat' to refer to sexiness. Usually followed by a purr like noise commonly made by men.
"Oh my gosh. That chick is such a Kat!" *purr* -guy
"You're soooo right. That's a sexy little Katelyn Dibs!!"-other guy
"no fair..."-guy
by Rachel McCoy August 30, 2009
This girl is an angel. You may not believe it, but man, she is. Whenever i just take a look at her, the room goes dark, but shes bright. My eyes, always are attracted to her. My head might be turned around, but my eyes still lock onto hers. This girl, is something rare. If you knew her, you would do anything, anything just to hold her. Her hair, her eyes, her smile, her body, the way she walks, her personality, her voice. Theyre all so beautiful. I have never experienced something so perfect in my life. Shes an angel, shes my angel. I want to be with her, forever. No matter what.
Katelyn, I love you<3
by your lovaahhh haha(: January 15, 2012
A Katelyn is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is funny, cool, and is completely gorgeous. She has the best personality in the world and absolutely amazing. If you ever know a Katelyn you're lucky, if you ever get to date one, you're blessed by God. Don't ever lose a Katelyn.
Hey that Katelyn girl is amazing.

Katelyn is so beautiful!

I love Katelyn because she's the coolest and most amazing girl I know.
by That one guy with the hand. May 27, 2011
She's a little bit awkward and completely ugly, but kinda cute at the same time. She loves books, tumblr, and music. She likes to cuddle and she's super weird. She likes nerdy things. She has an average body, but its amazing if she knows how to work it. Some try to be like a Katelyn, but often fail because she's so different. Her obsessions get a little out of hand sometimes, and often fangirls over silly things. She's very indesicive.
Person 1: ew look at her she's reading and looks really awkward and is wearing a (insert fandom here) shirt again

Person 2: that's Katelyn! She's fabulous!
by xoxoxo~ October 25, 2012
Katelyn is a girl who has a lot of energy. She is not like any other girl you will encounter in your lifetime. She's different, but, in a good way. She is beautiful. She is prone to being attracted to younger guys, and younger guys tend to be attracted to her. Which, can not always be a bad thing. Katelyn is an EXTREMELY smart girl. She also might not be treated the way she should be. Men, treat her with respect. She can a will rip your head off. She could change your rainy day into a drout.
That girl is so Katelyn!
by Softballluvvaaaa March 25, 2012
A girl who has parents that cannot spell.
A crazy, jealous bitch. She is an extremely obnoxious know-it-all. Cannot stand anything that doesn't have to do with her. Has terrible fashion sense and pretends to know about things she doesn't. A cheater and a slut with a giant nose.
"Quick, Katelyn is coming, let's leave."
"I'll go if Katelyn won't be there."
"Hey Katelyn, the 90's called, they want their jean skirt back."
by hottotrot33 December 19, 2014

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