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Katelyn is the most incredible girl in the world. The word katelyn should mean to be incredible. Katelyn is very smart, extremely beautiful and the most sweetest and caring person in the world. Anyone would be lucky to know her. And she can be intimidating because of her greatness.
You're so Katelyn!
by J.P.U. October 31, 2011
59 84
A bitch who tries to steal your boyfriend just because she can because shes the biggest slut in the school.
"Katelyn was hitting on Kyle today and he acted like I was crazy when I pointed it out"
by Queenbitch March 22, 2012
110 144
Katelyn is a girl who has a lot of energy. She is not like any other girl you will encounter in your lifetime. She's different, but, in a good way. She is beautiful. She is prone to being attracted to younger guys, and younger guys tend to be attracted to her. Which, can not always be a bad thing. Katelyn is an EXTREMELY smart girl. She also might not be treated the way she should be. Men, treat her with respect. She can a will rip your head off. She could change your rainy day into a drout.
That girl is so Katelyn!
by Softballluvvaaaa March 25, 2012
22 59
This girl is an angel. You may not believe it, but man, she is. Whenever i just take a look at her, the room goes dark, but shes bright. My eyes, always are attracted to her. My head might be turned around, but my eyes still lock onto hers. This girl, is something rare. If you knew her, you would do anything, anything just to hold her. Her hair, her eyes, her smile, her body, the way she walks, her personality, her voice. Theyre all so beautiful. I have never experienced something so perfect in my life. Shes an angel, shes my angel. I want to be with her, forever. No matter what.
Katelyn, I love you<3
by your lovaahhh haha(: January 15, 2012
52 90
A smelly whore that begs for attention. She's a nasty skank. She's really bad at whatever she does, and she has a nasty high pitched annoying as fuck voice.
Ew, that girl is such a Katelyn...Gross.
by aaanooonyyymooousss October 08, 2011
102 142
A Katelyn is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is funny, cool, and is completely gorgeous. She has the best personality in the world and absolutely amazing. If you ever know a Katelyn you're lucky, if you ever get to date one, you're blessed by God. Don't ever lose a Katelyn.
Hey that Katelyn girl is amazing.

Katelyn is so beautiful!

I love Katelyn because she's the coolest and most amazing girl I know.
by That one guy with the hand. May 27, 2011
64 106
a girl that thinks she knows eveything. usually has a 5 head and has no friends!
oh my gosh! that girl over there is katelyn borrell!!
by katelyn borrell December 29, 2011
100 143