A Katelyn is a girl who has been misjudged. She is amazing but people don't see it because people judge her on her appearances. She is really easy to talk to and she will give help you with your situations. She is beautiful in her own way, but she doesn't admit it. She gets mad easily and that may piss you off. When you fight with her (if you ever fight with her), you can't stay mad at her for a long time because she is like one of the only people you can talk to about the fight and vent about it with. She's not afraid to stick up for herself and her beliefs. She falls for guys alot. A Katie has situations in her life that has made her stronger and who she is today. She doesn't like to choose side before she hears both stories. She doesn't show when she is upset about something, and very few are able to see that she's upset. If you have a Katie as a friend, you are lucky because she isn't afraid to tell the truth about things and is very trustworthy. If you get close to her, don't let her go. She gets distracted easily and will forget about things pretty easily. When she has a grudge, she doesn't let it go. Don't piss her off, but she is very willing to forgive you. She doesn't judge you for who you are and she will stick by your side whole horrible situations.
Me: Katie, do you think I can work this?

Katelyn: Ehh, I don't know. It might make you look frumpy.

Me: You look frumpy! lawlz. Just kidding but thanks.
by C.E.E. September 04, 2011
Katelyn is a sweet girl who is very selfless. She loves video games, Japanese music, and ice cream. Is a bit nerdy, and does not like sports. She loves her family, and she loves kids. Katelyn dreams of having a family of her own someday. Is shy and wishes she had a boyfriend. She has had some trouble with depression, but still tries hard. Katelyn might not be the most physically attractive, but is a loyal friend that can definitely be trusted.
"That girl is a little weird and shy." "Yeah, but I hear she's really nice. She must be a Katelyn." "Yeah! Let's go meet her!"
by Fanofpokemon&hatsunemiku May 13, 2016
Katelyn is a lovely girl. Dirty blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. She is in love with the rain. She has an adventurous soul that loves traveling and trying new foods. She doesn't have a ton of friends, but the ones she has are all she needs. She's very smart, but sometimes she says things that are dumb when she's nervous. Her mind is chaotic and beautiful. She's an artist. She sees beauty in the world. Star gazing and coffee are a favorite of hers. She's a complicated simple person. She is shy and graceful, but if you just spend the time to know her you'll realize how much more beautiful she is. She likes attention, but doesn't show it. She over thinks everything. Katelyn is so beautiful but she just doesn't believe she is. Don't give up on her. Just dont. She sketches on everything about everything. She's amazing you'll see.
Who is that beautiful girl drawing all alone over there?

That is Katelyn, she is amazing.
by angelic_wreck August 26, 2016
Someone who may look like a sweet person, but truly, she is a bitch. Her name means, evil, and she is always there to put you down. Even if she calls you her best friend, she will always try to find a way to make your life miserable.
Person 1: Holy shit that girl is a downer
Person 2: Well duh, that's Katelyn
by Skye Marie Smith June 02, 2016
a sweet stoner girl, who is beautiful and very giving. She looks innocent but shes kind of badass once you get to meet her. This girl loves to party and be with her friends. Shes reckless and crazy and is a real person. She may not be the most liked person around, but thats only if you don't truely know her. shes out going and fun, shes wild and likes to get drunk. blonde hair, blue eyes and loves Hollister and Zumiez products most. Katelyn is very funny and will be real with you.
Katelyns young wild and free.
Have you seen Katelyn shes being reckless and a party animal tonight.
by Spliffer564 June 01, 2013
sexy girl who gets a lot of boys. at times she can be easy. shes great in bed and has a slamming body. she has a great personality.
damnnnnnnnn look at Katelyn.
by lady gaga ! March 18, 2009
This girl is an angel. You may not believe it, but man, she is. Whenever i just take a look at her, the room goes dark, but shes bright. My eyes, always are attracted to her. My head might be turned around, but my eyes still lock onto hers. This girl, is something rare. If you knew her, you would do anything, anything just to hold her. Her hair, her eyes, her smile, her body, the way she walks, her personality, her voice. Theyre all so beautiful. I have never experienced something so perfect in my life. Shes an angel, shes my angel. I want to be with her, forever. No matter what.
Katelyn, I love you<3
by your lovaahhh haha(: January 15, 2012
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