1. A girl who practically lives at Starbucks. It is her goal in life to be a Gold Card Member. She forever waits for her Gold Card to come in the mail.
2. Constantly shouts out "STARBUCKS ANYONE?"
That's Katelyn, she goes to Starbucks ALL the time!
#starbucks #coffee fiend #bucks #starbs #starbuckaroo
by Katieyourbestfriend May 28, 2011
Awesome, Funny, Great personality, very talkative, a great friend, a cool person to hang out with, can be a diva at some points, and in all a totally radical gal
Katelyn: How are you?
Person: Good how about you?
Katelyn: Good
#awesome #amazing #katelyn #cool #and amazing
by wolfy22 April 13, 2013
Bigg Booty and coolest girl you will ever know
See that girl

She has a big ass
#ass #cool #big #pretty #hot
by Juanshawn1 March 10, 2013
Katelyn is the prettiest girl in the world. A lot of boys are attracted to her, she has the most beautiful green eyes and long blondish, brown hair and her smile is so cute. She is different then other girls but in a good way, she is beautiful without makeup and doesn't even need it. people say shit about her sometimes like she wears to much makeup, why is she wearing that, or why does she tease her hair? but the truth is there all jealous, haters make u famous anyway. but there's so many other people that love her and would do anything for her. she is so sweet and if your dating her your the luckiest guy in the world, people love her. she can be shy at times but when she gets to know you better then she's not shy. she also loves attention, it might not look like she does but its true she loves getting compliments! and the thing that sad is she's always calling her self ugly or fat but SHES NOT! she is the most beautiful, pretty, hot, cute, and has a good body:) shes so funny but sometimes says dum things. she's also a good kisser too;)
#katelyn #is #so #pretty #amazing
by thetruthaboutkatelyns July 05, 2013
The meaning of this word means that "katelyn" is a fun, loving, caring person. She's an inner freak & only holds it down for one person. She's loyal, humble, and understandable. She's also beautiful
"I need a girl like her" "Where's Katelyn"
#loyal #humble #freak #meaningful #lovable
by Helen October 19, 2014
A girl like no other. Most have brown hair, hazel eyes, and are tan. Usually like older people, and are often hit on. They are known to be really funny, and sometimes very perverted especially toward their boyfriend. Usually have amazing bodies, and are very confident. Sometimes they can be rude and hurtful, but they liked to be chase, so dont give up on them. Most have large vocabularys but dont know how to use them. A very special young lady who enjoys having fun and living life. Her friends usually are guys, she usually gets dirty looks from other girls, and loves being a tomboy. Video games, food, and friends are top notch in this girl's life.
Tommy: Dude Id love to date her, you can totally tell she is a Katelyn.
Cody: How can you tell?
Tommy: Just look at her; her attitude, her body, and her personality.
Cody:Ohhh, I can see it now. WOW what a girl.
#irish #pure #katlin #caitlynn #baby names #kates
by SecretKatelynLover24 June 08, 2010
Katelyn's are usually girls with an amazing personality but choose to be with the biggest jerks ever. She deserves way better than what she gets. She is an amazing girl, but is a really big mooch. She asks everybody for everything; money, food, rides to places. You can either love or hate Katelyns.
John: Hey did you see Katelyn today?

Paul: Yeah she was with her boyfriend though, that guy is a total douche.
#beautiful #mooch #amazing #friend #nice
by anon124lyfe July 03, 2011
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