Bigg Booty and coolest girl you will ever know
See that girl

She has a big ass
by Juanshawn1 March 10, 2013
The prettiest funniest smartest girl in the world who will always be there for you and is caring and fair.
Hey look there's a katelyn.
by Platniummm July 11, 2014
An amazing friend.
Fun to be around
Loves animals
Emotional at times a good way

Everyone notices her and she is always kind to everybody
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that my amazing friend katelyn...... that loves animals!!!!!

Woah who is that girl who looks amazing and fun to be around??

Oh thats my friend katelyn
by pattela35 December 06, 2010
Katelyn is the most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has a nice smile and pretty eyes and is so nice and caring to people. She is an AMAZING WOMAN and any guy would be lucky to have her.
Wow Katelyn looks amazing today
by jamari_mann April 03, 2015
Katelyn is a girl. She is not like any other girl you will encounter in your lifetime. She's different, but, in a good way. She is beautiful. She is knows to be extremely shy. She is prone to being attracted to older guys, and older guys tend to be attracted to her. Which, can not always be a bad thing. Her soul mate has the name Brandon.
"Who is that?"
"That's Katelyn!"
"She's beautiful."
"I know!"
"Her and Brandon should be together."
by FlyingPheonix September 01, 2013
She usually has brownish-blondish hair. She is tall compared to her friends. She has a amazing personality. People usually judge her but if you really know her, you know shes perfect. She loves soccer. She usually likes one guy a lot, but he never like her back. She has greenish-blueish eyes. There beautiful. Everyone loves Katelyn. Her soul mates name is totally a Nathan.
Omg look there's a Katelyn! Did you hear her and Nathan totally got it on last night!?!?
by sissors113344 October 07, 2013
a sweet stoner girl, who is beautiful and very giving. She looks innocent but shes kind of badass once you get to meet her. This girl loves to party and be with her friends. Shes reckless and crazy and is a real person. She may not be the most liked person around, but thats only if you don't truely know her. shes out going and fun, shes wild and likes to get drunk. blonde hair, blue eyes and loves Hollister and Zumiez products most. Katelyn is very funny and will be real with you.
Katelyns young wild and free.
Have you seen Katelyn shes being reckless and a party animal tonight.
by Spliffer564 June 01, 2013
sexy girl who gets a lot of boys. at times she can be easy. shes great in bed and has a slamming body. she has a great personality.
damnnnnnnnn look at Katelyn.
by lady gaga ! March 18, 2009

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