Usually a blond. A little on the special side, and is usually left out of jokes between others, because she "Don't get it." She is attracted to men and women, but don't care what others think. She thinks the most attracted girls are Alex and the most attracted boys are Joshua.
Alex or Joshua: Katelyn you're so fine, I want you to be mine.
by BMXjosh May 24, 2009
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Katelyn is a girl. She is not like any other girl you will encounter in your lifetime. She's different, but, in a good way. She is beautiful. She is knows to be extremely shy. She is prone to being attracted to older guys, and older guys tend to be attracted to her. Which, can not always be a bad thing.

To sum this up, Katelyn's are;

- Hot
- Has a great personality
- Super smart.
- Super funny
- Extremely shy
- Can turn your floomy day around to a sunny day
Hey, that girl over there has the name Katelyn!
by CHRISLOLOLOL01 February 26, 2009
An extremely cool person who is just so awesome.
Amanda won the election because she was very katelyn.
by Katelyn Ramos December 13, 2007
The most beautiful of girls, so much so that she doesn't even need make-up. She has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh.You can get lost in her beautiful blue eyes. She is easy to talk too and gets along well with everyone. She is the exact opposite of a whore. She is the most faithful person on the face of this Earth. You will never be able to forget the way she looked the first time you saw her. She is an amazing person , even though her life has been tough. She treats everyone with respect and truly cares about everyone in her life. She has the biggest heart and is a girl any guy would be lucky to have.
Me The game last week was amazing!
Todd You weren't even paying attention to the game, you were more focused on Katelyn!
Me Yeah, well it's hard not to be! She's stunning!
by LunarLife October 17, 2012
Katelyn is an amazing girl with a kick ass boyfriend and awesome friends who love her ! she's good at spanish too !
my best friend is a katelyn
by imxthexcoolxone February 06, 2009
Katelyn is a beautiful girl with green eyes, she is usually amazing in many ways but even when she hurts you gotta keep trying to go after her no matter what happens. She usually doesnt know how to word things the way you want to hear them. But nonetheless you love her and you shouldnt give up on herr. She is fucking funny as shit and makes you feel amazing on the inside.
by i used to be worthless February 02, 2010
1. A girl who practically lives at Starbucks. It is her goal in life to be a Gold Card Member. She forever waits for her Gold Card to come in the mail.
2. Constantly shouts out "STARBUCKS ANYONE?"
That's Katelyn, she goes to Starbucks ALL the time!
by Katieyourbestfriend May 28, 2011
totally awesome girl
who rocks everybody elses shoes
wears converse, jeans, hoodies and or polo t-shirts
is a tomboy
plays video games
may possibly play an instrument, preferrably drums
lovable, caring, kind and true to her friends
humorous, witty, often makes crappy but good jokes
dorky and nerdish, but lovable
a lover of books
nice body, but not overly athletic
kind of a wimp
she is beautiful inside and out
Yeah, that katelyn is so freaking cool!

Oh, you wish you were as cool as a katelyn!

Dang, what did you do last night, playing videogames nonstop?? You're such a katelyn!!

Wow, look at how many books she's reading, she can be such a katelyn.

That drummer in your band can be a real katelyn.
by Erin Finn July 18, 2009

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