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A sexually trasmitted disease that will slowly eat away your genetilia.
"Dude, you've got the Kast!"
by anonymous February 26, 2003
8 14
Alpha and Omega, the One who defines perfection, to be great and better then everyone around you. There can only be one.
If I were the Kast, I'd buy and sell each and everyone of you.
by Drew McManus February 26, 2003
19 7
Something great in reasonable quantifies.
“Man this taco is the kast, pass the antacids”
by Fizz February 26, 2003
5 9
Also known for being a deadly disease, Kast is also a well known nickname given to Wooldridges.
Kast has gone up the Dridge with D Day
by Tommy Tynan July 10, 2008
2 8