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Alpha and Omega, the One who defines perfection, to be great and better then everyone around you. There can only be one.
If I were the Kast, I'd buy and sell each and everyone of you.
by Drew McManus February 26, 2003
Something great in reasonable quantifies.
“Man this taco is the kast, pass the antacids”
by Fizz February 26, 2003
A sexually trasmitted disease that will slowly eat away your genetilia.
"Dude, you've got the Kast!"
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
Also known for being a deadly disease, Kast is also a well known nickname given to Wooldridges.
Kast has gone up the Dridge with D Day
by Tommy Tynan July 10, 2008
Do you wanna kast Brittany?
by Jimmy Chxx June 24, 2016
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