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A girl who is all american. She is hot and very good looking inside and out. She gives her all and all at everything. She is usually athletic and makes sacrifices for others. She is a great girlfriend and friend to have. Although she has been hurt a time or too she doesn't let it stop her and she pursues life with tenaciousness never letting anything get in her way. If you find a Kassey never let her go because she is the key to making the rest of your life amazing.
Is that a Kassey? Dude she is one of a kind!
by cole745 August 03, 2012
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Short-light skinned chick with glasses and bangs. She is short as hell. And addicted to white guys. Also, a porn addict and fun as hell.
"They say that girl is funny. She's probably a Kassey."
by allupinthisbitch. December 29, 2011

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