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A beautiful girl that has a great personality and gourges long hair. An amazing friend who is friendly, caring and smart. A lot of the time a girl who loves to shop.
You should be more like Kasidy
by Bffl2011 April 11, 2011
Mostly consisting of gold diggers. The name stands for someone who dumps their men,who has spent loads to keep them staisfied,when he is in a coma from a car accident,and leaves them for the guys best friend, who now can make more loot then her ex thats sitting there in a coma, close to death. ex. Drama Queen,Gold digger,Gutter Slut,Hippocrate
Friend 1 - Did u hear about Tod??
Friend 2 - Yeah, wasnt he in a bad ass wreck, and is almost dead??
Friend 1 - Yeah thats him, his ole lady left him on his death bed, for a guy named TJ.
Friend 2 - man that sucks, what a fuckin Kasidy ass trick.
Friend 1 - yeah, i know right.
by J!Nx January 29, 2006

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