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Najpiêkniejsza i najfajniejsza dziewczyna pod s³oñcem. Most beautiful & cute girl on the world.
Kombatant love Kasia, Kasia love Kombatant , Kombatant and Kasia love themselves
by Antonio666 May 05, 2005
248 130
female's name of Polish origin. Shortened version of 'Katarzyna'.
Kasia loves to travel.
by DjMoneeq February 08, 2004
390 129
a polish lasse who is wise beyond her years and has large boobs
dude brah, that girl is a total kasia
by Wes March 31, 2005
303 160
A sweet down to earth girl who makes people feel warm inside. She has a great smile and wins all the guys over. Most people envy her.
Maxx~Oh shit did you see Kasia today?
Sam~Hell yeah, she looks gorgeous!


Sarah~Did you see Kasia?
Lisa~Yeah i hate her! She always looks good
by caringandloving November 18, 2010
123 41
(adjective) A beautiful female who talks to strangers
That girl is getting her picture taken with the man selling beavertails. She is definate Kasia.
by Katarzyna May 10, 2006
140 92
a cute ginger, who smile is priceless! funny sense of humour, and a hot hot kisser. She also reminds you have "cash". a girl!
"Fuck guys, I found a girl named Kasia"!
by yourbestfriendddd March 30, 2008
82 93
Polish name. English version = Katie
Also, Arthur's bitch.
"Wow, Kasia just got teabagged by Arthur"
by Artur April 16, 2005
61 137