one who stares at the 'mountains' and thinks of the 'priaries' all the while with the hand on the 'tombs'

Ohh god karthik stop being sucha cheapass and be momma's boy!!
this boy is a total karthik
by hardik011296 February 12, 2014
A dumb ass who has no life and thinks he is the best.
A "karthik" also tends to act like an animal at specific situations.
OMG, that guy is a karthik, he cant do anything.
by okone April 14, 2011
an organism that is unable to pronounce "civilian's" or "Malaysia"
Guy 1# : Dude, i saw many civilians in Malaysia during my Commando course

Guy 2# Guy3# and Sam : HAHAHAHA, oooh karthik!
by Somrantik November 08, 2011
(n.) A short segment of plasmid commonly found in the species Escherichia coli that encodes a kanamycin-resistant protein.
Hey, these cream-colored colonies must have Karthik!
by Matouschek March 07, 2008
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