a karsten is a man that girls may call "awkward" at times. very shy. usually is found on by his computer where he lays listening to depressing music. wishing one day heill find true love. may have a hunched back and weird stance, women dont find a karsten atractive at all and sometimes can just be a buzzkill/cock blocker.
man- OMG its karsten that kids awesome i played WoW with him last night
women- ehhh i guess but sometimes i think what an awkward faggot sure he hasnt done anything wrong but still the only word that sums him up is awkward
by big show111 January 13, 2010
Top Definition
Karsten is only the most funny, cool, awesome, sexyyy, person in the world. he is so cool he makes ice cubes jealious. He is so sexy he makes Jacob Black look fugly. He always knows how to make people laugh. in greek, he is the chosen one.
oh my god theres Karsten. He's fucking amazing I love him!
by Mike Hawk 8====D August 03, 2010
Never one to under-estimate, he's like a four-leaf clover - hard to find and yet priceless when attained. The ultimate quiet achiever! Often associated with fine food, mystical adventures, affection and music.
He's as enigmatic as a Karsten!
by Babushka01 October 25, 2010
pimp yo like sto rap freestyle in da club
yo yo go karsten its ya birt day we gunna paty like its ya birt day
by barney and friends April 25, 2003
A white man that can't seem to get anything right.
"Turn left, Karsten." *Karsten looks scared at his wife, and turns right*
by MiniMælk April 18, 2016
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