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A "Karnolisz" is the name of an ogre that has sucessfully assimilated to society (for the most part).

These creatures usually accomplish this either by plastic surgury and/or lots and lots of personal hygene products.

The hardest physical feature to overcome is the big green megaphone like ears.

It is typical for even a Karnolisz that has successfully "squeezed" into society, (no pun intended) to still have water sloshing around in their head from growing up in the swamp. It makes them irritable.
Coolguy #1
-Does Mason look like shrek to you? I wonder if he has a pet donkey?

Coolguy #2
-Shoosh! He doesn't want people to know he's a Karnolisz! He just wants to be treated like everyone else!
by Sock Starcher November 17, 2011

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