A small community in Knoxville, TN home of the Karns Beavers, the famous Karns Underpass, the "Karns Stoplight", the Karns Bridge over Oak Ridge Highway, and so much more. This community is not comprised entirely of rednecks. No community is and sterotyping it as a redneck community is just plain wrong.
"Dude, we went to paint 'GO BEAVERS! Beat those Powell Panthers' on the Karns underpass last night and then we went to the Weigles by the Karns Stoplight. It was awesome."
by annabeetwc February 17, 2010
Top Definition
Awesomest Human-being ever born on this planet.
You think you're Awesome. Compared to Karn, you're a bitch!
by SomeOneFcker January 18, 2012
A little redneck place in Knoxville TN
Lacey lives in Karns!
by KHSlacey August 07, 2008
from the world of magic: the gathering

a golem created by urza to help fend of the phyrexian. Later becomes a planeswalker
Karn the silver golem
by Ceclipse November 19, 2003
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