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a beautiful name for a beautiful girl

(n.) one of the most beautiful names a girl can have.
How can anyone forget the girl named Karms?

Man, that Karms is a beautiful girl!

I wish I have a girlfriend named Karms. She would be gorgeous and lots of fun.

Man, that Karms is so fun to be around, not to mention she's pretty too!

Damn I wish I can kiss Karms, or at least get a warm hug from her.

What's your name? Karms? That's a gorgeous name!

No girl can be compared to a girl named Karms.
by Poupy Mcpoopyson June 28, 2009
Someone who you will want to hang out with more than once, a great friend you can count on, and even the girls will like him. Go to a party, stay home, or help with homework he's here for you.
Your such a karm, thanks!
by chrplaza November 26, 2009
a conceited chick who flirts with every guy and always wears clothing that belongs on a hooker. she puts boys before her friends and will do anything to hook up with a guy. at any given point, she can be found with a boy. She isn't the best intellectually
girl 1: my friends starting to leave me to hang with guys
girl 2: ugh sounds like she's turning into a karm
by virginiajebstuart216 March 13, 2014
a fugly man hoe who tries to hit on everygirl!
a person who thinks that he is super cool but in reality hes a looser. Most girls fall for him because of his false appearance.
karm: that girl is so desperate.
by mahater September 28, 2009
White boy who sorta keeps his space is kinda shy at first, but once you get to know him becomes an abusive dumbass. Awkward personality overall; never gets dates or girlfriends. Constantly rejected and forever alone.
Yo dawg look at that loner white kid over there slapping one of his nosrac "friends". What a friggin' Karm!
by xenospartan April 19, 2016
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