A short, blonde girl from Louisiana. She thinks she is ugly but with her beautiful gray eyes and perfect smile, she is tha finest ma around.
Man, Karmen is comin to visit. You should see this gorgeous thing.
by Mario January 11, 2004
Top Definition
A girl who is obviously beautiful, given the name, but this has somehow messed with her psyche to make her somewhat insecure about whether people like her for her looks or for herself. Kind and painfully intelligent when given the chance, she is full of hidden talents and virtues, but also hidden flaws. Getting to know her takes time, but will ultimately result in a very egalitarian relationship based on deep trust...Karmen's flighty nature attracts her to calm, grounded people, but they also must be kind and patient in order to maintain the connection.
OH man, I wish I could talk to that Karmen...
by plint100 February 05, 2010
the foxiest foxy of all time; sexy legs, hot ass, very beautiful, very tastey
by Edvin October 30, 2003
Tease, likes to play with boy's heads(both)
"oh yeah baby, hell no i am not going to your room."
by karmen December 28, 2003
one who goes by the name psycho; likes to study; frightening if near when going through PMS. Favorite word to use is "I dunno". Likes to be loud and jump for no apparent reason; has an enormous amount of appreciation for food.
Be warned if stumbled upon a Karmen during PMS.
by MiSsDvL October 04, 2003
karmen is a multiple mixed breed of a squirl a giraffe and a racoon, known as a squirlaffacoon. they can be really slutty. they have freakishly long necks with wild hair.
damn i seen that karmen at the petting zoo today.
by freakjawn March 10, 2011
its a slang word for weed
guy 1: dude do you have any karmen?
guy 2: yeah were gonna be as high as kites tonight
guy 1: sounds like a plan
by Karmen&Karmen February 12, 2014
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