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An angel with a smile that makes you breathless. A person who likes the color green.
P:Hey did you see Karmel?
S: Yeah; I couldn't believe my eyes.
P: Man, I thought I was in heaven when I saw her.
#karmel #angel #green #cutie #beautiful
by Rolling Cross December 14, 2008
A supremely supa fly person that radiates wisdom and wit. Someone so supa fly they need to go on Urban Dictionary and make a ridiculously good definition to describe themself.
I wish my parents named me Karmel. Every Karmel I have ever met is ridiculously bodacious, a drop dead 10.
#supa fly #wit #caramel #carmel #bodacious
by Karmella December 07, 2011
A sexy guy that is great at tennis and basketball. He loves being freaky and naughty to girls that he meets. A Karmel has an awesome voice and cute laugh
Girl 1: Did you meet Karmel?
Girl 2: Yeah I heard he likes to talk dirty ;)
#naughty #freaky #kinky #nice #funny
by 102634 July 06, 2011
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