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When something really bad happens to someone who's 'not been very good' through life.
When bad things happen to bad people.
"Wow, life caught up with Jack with that Karma-Bomb."
by Alibi_111 July 17, 2008

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When Karma smacks some deserving jerk in the FACE
"That girl just splashed water all over that poor guy on the street!"
"What a bitch, hope she gets KarmaBombed!!"
by I'maRealist February 15, 2012
When all the past good (or bad) karma that you've been acquiring catches up in a single event.
Gary however loveable and nice has been a loser & bad with the ladies all his life only to wake up one morning with two of them spending their time with him, thus karma bombed.
by Megalomaniakaal July 22, 2014