1. A Radiohead song. Possibly their most famous song.

2. Men who come and arrest you for being a prick.
Freeze! This is the Karma Police! You're under arrest under the accusation of talking in maths, buzzing like a fridge, and resembling a detuned radio.... You bastard!
by Walter June 02, 2004
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Top Notch Bawse individual/s only one phone call away when your relationship partner is pissing you off. usually people you crave and your bf/gf wouldn't be very fond of because of their ability to showcase a "project x" type of night.

the type of people your partner doesn't want you around due to their high rate of panty dropping, bottle popping, laughing till you got a 12 pack caliber of an event.

the karma police are on patrol to entertain, sexually heal and make you remember what fun really is when you been locked down in a lame relationship for way to long.
GIRL 1 "i cant believe the night we had with those guys.. we didnt get home til the next day!"
GIRL 2 "stfu i have a hangover i got 29 missed calls from my jackass bf and i dont even care"
GIRL 1 "we should call the karma police more often! ;)"
GIRL 2 "our secret ;)"
by illmaculate69 May 10, 2012

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