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They are the best, most attentive, sweetest, thoughtful, selfless, giving, loving mothers ever. If you get a Karlynn for your mother you are super lucky and should always be grateful. They are strong willed and determined and will always fight for what they believe in. Great cooks and beautiful smiles.
Karlynn is an amazing mother!
by Eri-Canary August 24, 2010
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A girl who is sexy, funny, a crazy good dancer, sweet, hot, charming, a stripper, and smart!

1. Dude, stop giving lap dances to my man! You're such a Karlynn :P

2. All you have are singles? What are you, a Karlynn?
by Level40agility August 28, 2010
Karlynn is a very nice name not fit for the ass hole that they really are! Karlynn's know how to hurts people, especially people who they think are not cool and popular but are really prettier and smarter than them.
wow isn't karlynn a bitch?!
by Karlynn hater January 01, 2011

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