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Karlee Lori is an amazing girl. By looking at her, you might think she's a Hot Topic obsessed freak, but anyone who thinks that can suck it. Karlee Lori is a hilarious, random person, which might have to do with the fact that she is constantly drinking energy drinks, like Monsters. She hangs out with a lot of guys, but she has her girls too. She's adventurous. She has a unique taste in music and you should really get to know her. She's gorgeous and skinny, but she doesn't believe it. And she's not fake. She's as real as can be. She's really sweet and amazing, but has trouble accepting the word no. And don't get on her bad side, cuz it is said that she has wrestled a bear once...
Joe: Who's that hot goth chick?

Steve: Suck it! That's Karlee Lori! Dude, there's way more to her than that, she amazing! She's like my best friend.

Bob: Yeah! She's hilarious and she's not like all those other girls!

Joe: Oh, cool. I wanna get to know her!
by RachelElizabeth<3 August 18, 2011

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