n. a sexual act where the one performer defecates, placing said feces into his/her mouth and performs a blow job on the partner
She karl-roved me last night so nasty!
by garcia garcia September 07, 2008
Karl Rove is Dick Cheney's vice president. Because Cheney must remain in undisclosed locations while deciding what policies the U.S.A. will follow, he requires an iterim administrator to manage Dubya day to day, and spin bad publicity. Karl Rove is a proven expert and fills this position.

A: Leaked the name of CIA informant Valerie Plame as part of his political agenda

B: After the FBI first interviewed Rove for Watergate, the Republican National Committee - then chaired by Bush the Elder-looked into the charges, decided they were baseless, and offered Rove work.

C: Entered politics by breaking and entering - to steal letterhead

D: E: F:...ad nauseum
While Karl Rove is a proper noun, it can certainly be used as verb:

Dude - my wife just caught me fucking a 17 year old - in the ass.

Shit man, you better K-rove that shit quick. Put some acid in her co-workers desk that she hates, and tell her that evil bitch is trying to split you guys up.
by -waste301 November 07, 2006
A powerful figure of myth. Commonly invoked by liberal parents to terrify their young into submission.
Soccer Mom: Eat your EnviroKidz® cereal, or Karl Rove will visit us during the night and bludgeon your new kitten to death!
by tehlulz March 26, 2007
Mastermind of the Republican party.
Karl Rove is my hero
by Joe November 30, 2004
The Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. Many idiots believe he is the devil. These people are either ultra-left liberals or idiots who know nothing about politics. Bush is in office until 2008 because that is what the people want.
"Karl Rove is the Deputy Chief of Staff to our current president, George W. Bush."
by kaze950 March 26, 2007

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